Network: Combine Advantages

TMJ is a member of the Benesse Group and Marubeni Group, led by both the Group companies, and has partnered with companies that have a high degree of expertise in various fields, has built a widely powerful business network.

Domestic Locations

All over the country to the center hub, there is a business center, and suggests the optimal operation base to meet the client needs.

  • Value Communication Services (Shanghai), Inc.

    VCS is a wholly-owned local subsidiary of TMJ involved in e-commerce business in China. Through services such as support for branch openings at local e-commerce malls as well as fulfillment services, VCS contributes to the success of e-commerce business for both local and Japanese companies.

  • Jie Sheng Communication Services (Shanghai), Inc.

    JSC is a wholly-owned local subsidiary of TMJ established within the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone. It is the first foreign capital-backed firm in China to offer call center operations services provided solely with its own capital. JSC provides a diverse range of specialized call center services for clients in China and abroad, as well as services for general consumers.

  • BiOS

    Taking advantage of procurement capabilities of IT outsourcing services and bilingual human resources, and provides a composite service.

  • TMJP (TMJP BPO Services, Inc.)

    Based in the Philippine capital of Manilla, TMJP BPO Services provides services that make clients more competitive; this includes offshore services such as call center and back office operations for Japanese companies, as well as BPR support in English.

  • Benesse

    Is the philosophy of the Benesse Group "well to live = Bene (well) + esse and (live)". This is, that you create to think your to "live well" together, i.e., at the same time to your individual is a desire to "I would like you to come to this", and to assist in the "want to be this way" of your individual, "I and that provide products and services that I think I want "to have and their families, it is also a business message itself of Benesse.

  • Marubeni

    Marubeni Corporation, taking advantage of the enterprising spirit that has been cultivated in the history of about 150 years, food, fiber, materials, pulp and paper, chemicals, energy, metal resources, steel products, from import, export and domestic trade, such as transport aircraft , power and infrastructure, plant, ships, industrial machinery, development and construction, provision of handling and various services of goods in a wide range of fields related to finance, logistics and information, also business investment, development, and we are developing a management globally.

  • Gulliver Offshore Outsourcing Inc.

    The business alliance to Gulliver Offshore Outsourcing Inc. and November 2013 that have deployed offshore BPO center in Manila and Cebu in the Philippines. Dispatched the TMJ staff in Cebu Center, and served in the Japanese support of offshore services by Japanese.

  • PT ASIA Outsourcing Services

    We have partnered to PT ASIA Outsourcing Services and November 2013, which boasts the largest as a private contact center / BPO companies. We will meet in conjunction with AOS to contact center ・ BPO needs in Indonesia.

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