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Company History

In 1992, TMJ was born in the form of the independent spin-off of the in-house call center of "Shinkenzemi", Japan's largest mail order business of Benesse Corporation, whose core business is distance education. The purpose of the spin-off was to commercialize a new business field other than its own business, using the capabilities as a direct marketing center, which has been increasing in productivity through the business activities of "Shinkenzemi", which is a highly-fluctuating business.

At the same time during the spin-off when it began to do sales to corporate clients, the business has continued to operate, with customers numbering 4 million from ages 1 to 18. This membership-based business has no equal in the world, and its success is supported by the contact center management technology. At that time, this technology was highly-praised by foreign companies advancing to Japan and domestic financial companies who have a high-level of quality management, and because of our clients, the business has continued to grow.

Currently, sales volume exceed 35 billion yen, with clients numbering 200 companies from a wide range of industries, ranging from communication, financial, manufacturing, and public companies. In 2008, we have received investment from Marubeni Corporation, which will give us more robust and stable source of management foundation, and the DNA from the time we have started, which says "The client's business is also our business; we strive for customer satisfaction and at the same time achieve high productivity and hope to contribute to the growth of our client's business." With this foundation, we will continue to evolve.

  • Fukutake Publishing Co., Ltd. to start the operation as an in-house call center (now Benesse Corporation)
  • Fukutake Publishing Co., Ltd. spin-off customer service and marketing department of "Shinkenzemi", founded Telemarketing Japan, Inc.
  • Established Kitakyushu Center
    Established Value Communication Services (Shanghai), Inc.
  • Established Kyushu Office
  • International information security management standard "BS7799-2: 2002", similar certification system "Information Security Management System (ISMS) compatibility and evaluation system" in the domestic certification (ISMS certification standards Ver.2.0)
  • Established Kumamoto Center
  • Established Sapporo First Center
  • Received "Privacy Mark" certification
  • "ISO / IEC27001: 2005": Grow "JISQ27001 2006" to the staff department
  • Between Benesse Corporation and Marubeni Corporation, and entered into a share transfer agreement and business alliance agreement to sell 40% of our outstanding shares
  • Acquired the "telemarketing business" from com Partners Co., Ltd.
  • Established Sapporo Second Center
  • Established Nagoya Office
  • Established Shinjuku Center
  • Strengthen and expand the back-office business areas
  • Established Sendai office
  • Took over the "temporary staffing business," "employment placement projects," "business contracting business" from Parsons Co., Ltd, established Tama office, the Okayama Plant
  • Established Kagoshima Center
  • Obtained ISO9001 (training for external call center, and planning, development and implementation of the corresponding quality survey)
  • Established First Fukuoka Center
  • Changed Telemarketing Japan, Inc. to TMJ, Inc.
  • Established Sapporo Third Center
  • Established Saga Recruitment Center
  • Acquired 100% ownership of BiOs, Inc.
  • Business partnership with Gulliver Offshore Outsourcing and PT Asia Outsourcing Services
  • Established Sapporo Recruitment Laboratory
  • Established Second Fukuoka Center
  • Established Fukuoka Contact Desk
  • Established Gifu Satellite Office
  • Established Jie Sheng Communication Services (Shanghai), Inc.
  • Established TMJP BPO Services, Inc. in Bonifacio Global City, Philippines
  • Established TMJ Job Concierge Center in Kitakyushu
  • Strategic partnership with E-Guardian Inc.
  • Grow "ISO 27001" to BiOs, Inc. and TMJP BPO Services, Inc.
  • Opened up the Manila 2nd Operation Site in Quezon City

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