Offshore Service

Realize high quality and low cost service operation
utilizing answering quality and improvement
know-how cultivated long years by TMJ

Offshore service provides low cost operation by the optimization of the business location. Provide quality, efficiency and human resource education in the same level as Japan by the center operation utilizing answering quality and improvement know-how cultivated long years by TMJ. Contribute to the business of clients greatly from the view of bilingual correspondence and BCP countermeasures.

Low Cost Operation

We have a business tie-up partner, Gulliver Offshore Outsourcing Inc. located in Cebu Island
To provide the service of call center and back-office.

Provide Service at Cebu Island in the Philippines

Philippines has the best conditions for BPO business such as infrastructure environment, reasonable labor cost and high English speaking ability as indicated by the world largest number of outsourced businesses of call center. TMJ has started the business there to provide offshore service.

High Quality Operation in Japanese

Realize the operation in Japanese which has been difficult in offshore in the past.
Provide high service quality with the full follow-up system.

  • Operation in Japanese

    Practice the operation by the operators who can speak Japanese mainly Japanese operator employed in Japan. Eliminate the anxiety caused by communication with overseas offices, and perform customer support and back-office business in Japanese and English. Please trust us bilingual business without anxiety.

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  • Ensure the High Quality with through Education System.

    Experienced TMJ administrator resides on local site and educates the operators for basic training to perform operation with a certain level of skill. Follow-up education is also conducted with the same level as in Japan to realize high quality operation.

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Business Partnership with Gulliver Offshore Outsourcing Inc.

Make a business partnership with Gulliver Offshore Outsourcing Inc. that undertakes outsourcing business in the Philippines for Japanese companies. TMJ conducts recruiting agency role and marketing to the Japanese companies that want to outsource business overseas. Our partnership develops offshore business in rapidly growing Philippines combining the advantages of both companies.

  • Contact center operation
    with high quality and low cost

  • Bilingual operation of
    mail support and entry business

  • Multiple office making for
    office business and global response

  • Translation

  • Customer care center
  • Sales support acceptance
  • Data entry business
  • Translation business, etc.