Activate: Utilize Data

Visualized and quantified as possible the operations and enhances the operation of the productivity and ROI by analyzing and forecasting.

  • KPI Management

    Thorough KPI management to visualize the outcome is a feature that TMJ is brought from the time of its inception, the field in practical PDS cycle is functioning.

    • PDS cycle: Plan · Do · See the (planning, implementation and confirmation) cycle
  • Data Mining

    From outcome improvement by tactical use of outbound, until the operator of recruitment and assignment, advanced data mining techniques have been utilized in a variety of situations.
    Also, in order to fuse the KPI management and data mining in a new dimension, we started research and development and practice and application of optimization techniques.

    Data mining system / tools

Activate: Use the Best

Industrial Engineering (IE) method is applied to the service industry, we have thorough process improvement and productivity improvement.

  • Start-up / Standard Operation Procedure (SOP)

    245 items of the task, 261 types of TMJ own most efficient and stable center instructions that describe the procedures and concepts of up to design, construction and operation of which consists of standard tools.

    • SOP(Standard Operations Procedure)
  • Online Offline Experience Sharing

    On the Web discussion and examples share, such as through training of collectively, until solve the problem of management from improvement cases, share wisdom and experience from senior and colleagues.

    Example of common knowledge tools

  • Small Improvement Activities and Improve Reporting System

    Share and gather from the operator · SV individuals nationwide beyond the 6,000 year "improved reporting system", teams compete to improve outcomes approach and results in a "small improvement" activities.

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