Collaborate: Heighten by Cooperation

And center of the field operations and headquarters of professional organizations beyond the constraints of time and place, quickly, in order to cooperate in the vertical and horizontal directions, advanced network and its own organizational structure is functioning.

  • Take Advantage of the Comprehensive Strength, Inter-base Communication Infrastructure

    One of the business, in order to support a comprehensive force of various experience and knowledge TMJ has been stacked, each base, quickly sharing and video conferencing system that can dress carried in the high-quality video and audio, a variety of know-how and information groupware to be, such as the management information system to identify the KPI and cost of each center in real time working. Intelligence infrastructure

  • Flexible Management Support through Large Scale IDC

    Outsource center of the TMJ, has adopted the IP Centrex configuration.
    The main IT equipment including audio equipment, such as PBX · dialer, aggregates in the Internet data center with the earthquake and disaster prevention measures (IDC), it is possible to achieve high business continuity, it has been possible to a flexible business operations you.

  • Internal Organizational Structure that Work in the Vertical and Horizontal Directions

    If you want to start a call center and back office operations project, organization attracted the best talent in across programs, and formed a team, build a close cooperation that take advantage of the high level of expertise, and the realization ensure launch of in speedy to you. In operation, hiring and training the best talent in the business, such as continuous improvement, and build organizational structure that strongly support the management, field staff will have created an environment that can concentrate on business.

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