Competency - scientific and engineering approaches -

  • A scientific approach

    Regardless of outbound or inbound, if cultivating contact with huge customer stacked day, not only the voice of the customer expectations and satisfaction, and you will see a very diverse marketing information. To help you take advantage of this information to the client's management, we are in a form that can be seen the contents of this contact point, and then in can be achieved form, that attention is paid to the differences and changes, and to predict the next, facing with a hypothesis I will focus on that. KPI has been mastering in the operation of the site management and data mining techniques, is a major strength of the TMJ.

    • KPI:Key Performance Indicator
  • Engineering approaches

    Leaders in the field of the TMJ, has been cultivated in the manufacturing industry, has mastered the technique of QC Circle activities. The operation of the process is visualized, draw the ideal situation, to extract the object, superimposing the improvement. Crafted best practices are standardized, company intranet, the proposed system and the national conference of the, through a scheme of mutual training, it is systematically sharing and expand beyond the department. As an advanced approach to enhance the productivity of the service industry, proven to be highly valued from the relevant agencies, is another of the strengths of TMJ.

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