Internet Data Center (IDC)

I will ensure the flexibility of minimization and operational implementation location of business continuity risk.

Robust and Secure New Contact Center Infrastructure

And Located in the Data Center with a Thorough Seismic and Disaster Prevention Measures the Major IT Equipment

  • Greatly improve the availability to natural disasters such as earthquakes
  • Because it is equipped with a private power generation equipment, can continue operation even in the event of a power failure
  • And develop a fault monitoring system for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Surveillance camera, strict security management such as admission during fingerprint authentication implementation

And Duplicated/redundant Key IT Equipment, and Improve the Availability

  • PBX (Private Branch eXchange private branch exchange) adopted a multi-configuration to place the standby machine base side addition to the double of within the enclosure
  • WAN and duplicated all the major network equipment from (Wide Area Network Wide Area Network) to floor
  • WAN duplicated in different career that connects the data center and locations

The Possible Large Call Center Management Across Multiple Locations

But Instead of Installing Voice Equipment the (PBX · dialer) to Each Base, is Adopted IP Centrex Configuration for Performing Aggregated Centralized in One Place

  • Even for temporary scale, easily can respond in other locations
  • And constructed by placing the WAN line and IP phone to the specified locations, a short period of time at the receiving environment

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