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Can be Introduced by Suppressing the Latest Equipment of Call Center to Minimize the Cost Burden

Call center new launch of, relocation, at the time of integration, there is no need burden of purchase and installation cost of the equipment, it is call center equipment ASP type provide services.

Utilization Scene

  • New launch of call center
  • Relocation of office, the aggregate
  • Maintenance out of the system, aging measures

Details of Services

Establishment of New Companies

Reduction of Initial Investment

In the Internet data center that TMJ is held, is equipped with the latest equipment necessary to call center management (PBX, CMS, logger, etc.). Is available in standard expensive ACD feature, you will be able to minimize the start-up costs.

Reduction of Implementation Period

No matter how a large center, to meet the needs of the client, you will be able to build a call center in about two months.

One Stop Operation Management

System design and configuration, to maintenance from arrangements of telephone line, all tedious launch, operation, and management work TMJ will undertake in bulk.

Relocation and Consolidation of Call Center

One Stop Operation Management

Design and configuration of the system due to the relocation and consolidation of call centers, to maintenance from arrangements of telephone line, tedious launch, operation, and management tasks all contract TMJ is in bulk, smooth relocation and consolidation without stopping the business I will achieve.

Reporting Function

Using the CMS (call management function), aggregates the data, such as the incoming number and response number and call time and post-processing time day / week / month in units such as, you will be able to take advantage to enhance customer service.

Number of Seats Increase or Decrease Flexible

Number of seats increase or decrease such as relocation and consolidation of phased branch business also, is immediately possible to correspond just get instructions.

Maintenance Out-aging Measures of System

One Stop Operation Management

All systems of maintenance work TMJ correspondence. Version up after the introduction system, worry, such as maintenance out will be absolutely unnecessary.

Annual Maintenance Cost Savings

You can greatly reduce the huge annual maintenance costs that have been subjected to the aging system.

State-of-the-art Equipment

IDC of the TMJ, seismic-seismic isolation design, of course, fully duplexed electrical and telephony equipment, such thorough security management, to deliver the call center management was that no stability to let break a business in case of emergencies. CMS function, ACD function, call monitoring function, or PBX, complete with IVR function, such as call recording equipment, offers call center facilities state-of-the-art.

PBX ACD function Based on the incoming call to the programmed call flow, it is efficiently uniformly distributed to the operator function automatically.
Call monitor function SV is, not only before the operator of the eye, all the contents for the operator to call other places it is possible to monitor.
Whisper function Inquiry to the operator at the time of the incoming the (business name, etc.) is a function that whisper in the ear.
Simple IVR function This function is to provide information in response to a voice you have pre-recorded. Customers will distributed to the operator of the group specified to select a menu by a push button.
CMS function
(Call Management System)
Operator management of (ID registration), as well as the incoming number, response number, call time, aggregate the report, such as post-processing time daily, with monthly, analysis of call center operations, obtained the necessary data to predict.
All call recording equipment Recording capability I will record all of the call recording. Since you have the interface of the PBX, you can add a detailed call information in each record calls by from them to get the call information.
Search and playback function From the PC terminal, a particular day, search play voice specify a time zone, or you can search the ID or extension number for a particular operator to key.

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