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Share Easily Help Business Operations the Accumulated Improvement Case in TMJ

DNA is a improvement of culture of TMJ, is a "small improvement" activities and improve reporting system such as TMJ internal sharing tool that best practices have been aggregated. Not just aggregate data are grouped from the main KPI · factors and countermeasures and results, case that corresponds to the problem to be faced in business operations is, and has been designed so as to be found immediately.

Special Features

It is characterized by can find from the main KPI. For example, for the problem of "high turnover", leads to not only measures of "Let's make the operator chart", "what kind of effect when making the operator medical record", also, it is "turnover rate reduction" factors of the problem is to some, summarizes the understandable relevance until the problem-factors and countermeasures such as "communication", you will be able to search by item of interest.

Search Categories

  • Main KPIs
  • Factors
  • Measures
  • Results

Expected Results

  • Promotion of efficient improvement activities

Utilization Scene

  • Business operations of problem-solving
  • Sharing of best practices

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