KPI Management

The Management Situation is Quantified, and Visualize the Variation of the Gap Performance of the Current Situation and Goals

KPI management, quantitatively set goals in terms of defined business content, is management method that manages the progress. This according to the visualized management situation, it is possible to turn challenges the PDCA cycle going take measures to extraction to improve continuously, and then continually realize an improvement of quality and efficiency.

Customer Care KPI Examples

Quality of Response

Response rate Percentage of the response to the number of ACD number of incoming
Average incoming call time The average talk time per file
The average post-treatment time The average post-treatment time per 1
Performance efficiency Response processing number per hour
Monitoring evaluation TMJ, answering quality evaluation which is accordance with the evaluation criteria of the third party


Capacity utilization The proportion of non-phone waiting time of the login time
Turnover Percentage of displaced workers for enrolled persons
Absenteeism rate Percentage of absentee with respect to the total number of people scheduled shift
Sufficiency rate To expected operating time of the day, the time that was actually running

Operational Quality

Telephone completion rate Percentage number of responses that were completed by telephone response of the inquiry
Accepted Miss incidence Ratio of the number of accepted misses to the number of response

KPI Examples of Sales Support

Productivity Management

Goals and objectives Indicators to be used
The contents of the index
Cost efficiency per 1 Outgoing number / time Outgoing number per hour
Contact ratio Contact ratio between the effective interlocutor
Effective contact number per hour (CPH) Dialogue number of valid interlocutor per hour
Commitment rate (SPC) Commitment rate per effective contact number
Commitment per hour (SPH) Number that was committed to per hour
Operator arrangement efficiency of Operator utilization rate Rate the operator has implemented a call and post-processing of the time sitting in front of the phone
Processing efficiency per 1 The average talk time The time it takes to call per 1
The average post-treatment time The time it takes to call post-processing of per case

Service Quality Management

Goals and objectives Indicators to be used
The contents of the index
Exact correspondence Monitoring score Evaluation item of monitoring sheet
Claims incidence The rate at which the claim occurs
Corresponding to meet the needs Monitoring score Evaluation item of monitoring sheet
Overall satisfaction Customer satisfaction survey score Implementation results of customer satisfaction surveys
  • target value through examination of business content, we will discuss and finalize.
  • Improvement of
    processing efficiency

  • Improvement of
    operational quality

  • Skill improvement of
    operator and supervisor

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