Monitoring Room

Connect Each Center Base to Expand Across the Country in a Live Camera,
Facility to Experience the Local is not Necessarily Carry a Foot in Each Site

TMJ is starting with the center Kitakyushu which was established in 2002, Sapporo, we are promoting the localization of center locations with a focus on Kyushu. In each center has been permeated philosophy of "Client Value", improvement culture that all employees to work in common has rooted. Also, I have a feature that takes advantage of local ground and human characteristics to each site. However, as much as promote the localization, had become difficult to get experience such corporate culture and the regional characteristics to the client. Therefore, we established a monitoring room that you can experience the center site in real time, it offers an environment in which you can see business situation at any time even without carry a foot in each site.
Also, in addition to monitoring function, and through a variety of the latest IT tools which can be used at the call center, back office under one roof, only it is possible to visit in the monitoring room, etc. can be no demonstration and actual experience can be seen in each center locations so far you.

Special Features of the Monitoring Room

Division also has a large screen monitor that can be, in a variety of layout patterns, cooperation with the center hub, demonstration, you can see the presentations. In addition, various latest IT tools are equipped with the real-life experience can be the environment, it is possible that I am the IT tools conforming to your request of solutions to the real experience.

About Monitoring Room

  • Live relay of the center field and administrators
  • Introduction video of each center locations
  • Introduction of tools and "small improvements" case for improvements conforming to your request of solutions
  • Call center, demonstration of back office latest IT tools, use experience
  • Call center, back office operations, management system, demonstration of system
  • Limited within the scope of the contract work

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