Quality Management Program

Approach and Organizational Support of Quality Management to Support the Operational Quality of TMJ

And fixed-point check by regular monitoring, in management technique for the direct guidance, and provide continuous high-quality business. The monitoring by specialized departments of the monitoring and company-wide standards and industry-standard field personnel utilizing accumulated over many years know-how as a reference was the third person point of view was carried out, and increase the quality.

Quality Management and Operation and Design Method by Four Perspectives

In addition to monitoring by specialized department of the monitoring and company-wide standard of utilizing the accumulated over many years know-how field personnel with respect third party point of view, get an evaluation of the client, customers, and employees perspective. The practice PDCA cycle of current situation and challenges extraction-improvement, and provide continuous high-quality business.

Overall map quality management program Perspective of TMJ quality management(Client perspective:Client satisfaction survey,Call center perspective:QA activities survey/Corporate QA,Customer perspective:Automatic speech research/Utilization of the system (SERA),Employee perspective:Employee Satisfaction Survey/360-degree survey), Continuous improvement,Operation and design(Corresponding quality improvement technique / launch and operate standard procedures (SOP))
  • SOP (Standard Operations Procedure)

From a Client's Perspective

Client Customer Satisfaction Survey
Twice a year of study in whether the can provide services that contribute to client business, we objectively figure out what is in the service level required by the client, you can achieve the improvement of future service improvement and quality.

From the Call Center's Perspective

QA Activities Survey
QA activities within the call center, check four times what a year if they are regularly and effectively implemented, and turn the PDCA cycle in quality.
Corporate QA
Professional staff performs the monitoring, you can check to see if they can maintain and improve a certain level or more of quality. The objective perspective of professional organizations, I will achieve quality without variation.

From the Customer's Perspective

Use of Automated Voice Survey System "SERA"
Evaluation of customer satisfaction and resolution level immediately after answering complete, collect the voice of opinions and requests, and to clarify the current situation challenges and temporary in quick, you can take advantage of to improve services and marketing activities.

From the Employees' Perspective

Employee Satisfaction Surveys and 360-degree Survey
Compare and analyze the satisfaction of all of the staff working in the call center, you can predict and prevent the risk of quality degradation.

Operation and Design

Answering Quality Improvement Techniques
Is a standard practice method of answering quality improvement activities of the contact center, standard tools will facilitate the continued answering quality improvement.
Launch and Operate Standard Procedures (SOP)
Design, construction, standard procedures and standard tools that defines the procedures and thinking up operation will create a solid foundation of quality.
  • Work quality and productivity,
    Improvement of call center answering quality

  • And maintenance operator of motivation
    Prevention of turnover

  • Quality management of call center operations
  • Quality management of office functions

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