"Small Improvement" Activities and Improve Reporting System

For various problems and challenges that occur in the field, to carry out improvement each and every employee is based on the view, the concept of codified QC (quality control) basis thing. And identify the factors using the QC techniques and IE approach, is carried out the most effective measures for the root cause, we have raised a reliable outcome.

Cultural Continuous Improvement Activities of TMJ

"Small improvement" activities of TMJ is a manufacturing industry has been there many years of experience the "QC Circle activities" on the base. Not only center sector, including accounting and also management support department, such as human resources, all employees have to practice a "small improvement" activities. So far participants from the start of 2006 is 6,708 people, climbing to the number of theme 1,489 theme (March 2017 currently), each one, using the steps and techniques that have been organized as a common language of problem solving, voluntary I am doing the Na improvement.
Problems and activities of the process, while sharing the such achievements, good examples are awards, and excellent improvement case we are also horizontal development in other centers in the KAIZEN library.

In addition, individuals propose and implement reported improvement there is "improved reporting system", KAIZEN sheet of more than 7,000 per year from all over the country of operator will gather. There are many proposals on the client's products and services improvement, I am contributing to the client business.

High Praise from the Outside

It is in the manufacturing industry is working on a number of companies "QC Circle activities", but it does not have many cases in the service industry. In addition, in the BPO industry responsible various industries, industry of call center as outsourcers, the back-office center operations, mostly from that there is no precedent, even from a promotion organization Foundation Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers, is higher as advanced efforts is evaluated, it has been awarded the "quality Innovation Award" in 2008 Japan quality Award. Also been called the father of Japanese quality management "Ishikawa Kaoru-sho" the 2010, it has won in 2012.

Case of "Small Improvement" Activities

  • Distribution / retail: Distribution / Retail
    About 30% shortening the post-processing time of the incoming call enhance the processing efficiency of the call center
  • Information and Communication: Broadband
    To about 1.5 times the processing efficiency of the call center in the improvement of operator training plan
  • Service: Transportation
    The "lead" and "solvable" in the help desk, and improve the corporate branch user satisfaction
  • Information and Communication: Broadband
    The time that has been devoted to training in quality improvement measures using the tool about 30% reduction! Also be improved further answering skills
  • Services: Entertainment
    To improve the phone calls, to the information center to convey the charm of the theme park
  • Finance / Insurance: Lease
    Improvement initiatives workplace environment to ES improvement of call center, realize the satisfaction of operator
  • Information and Communication: Communication Carrier
    Can improve the ES in the visualization of operator training step, turnover rate is about 17% improvement

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