Call center department, get sales department, of course, the information security authentication in the management staff departments such as human resources and accounting. Protect the strict valuable customer data, I am equipped with security system of thorough.

Expand the Information Security Certification Range to Staff Department

In TMJ, call center department to check your important customer data, in the sales department, "ISO / IEC27001", "JISQ27001" and certification of privacy mark, of course, management, such as human resources and accounting of its scope expanded to the staff department, we are certified in the industry's largest.

  • JUSE ISO/IEC27001 JUSE-IR-239
  • PrivacyMark 10861262

Safety and Security of the Entry and Exit Management

Addition to the security control by ID card of a company-wide, depending on the business characteristics and requests of client companies, introduction of additional security system using biometrics such as fingerprint and vein is also possible.

In addition, the operator of the personal belongings brought into the call center is strictly prohibited, and we have established a personal locker to all sites.

Information Security Management System of Thorough

Provision of a Thorough Operational Rules to Ensure Information Security

  • Conclusion of confidentiality agreements with all employees, including the operator
  • Security control with ID card (entry limit and management of the contact center)
  • FAX in the contact center, copy machine, limited user, such as a printer,
  • Important documents, files, thorough restrict access to electronic media
  • Appropriate treatment of waste (shredder, dissolution treatment, etc.)

Education and Training to All Employees on Information Security

  • Implementation of group training at the time of joining
  • Self-study of using the workbook
  • Implementation of annual continuing education (test)
  • Dissemination of information e-mail newsletter

Establishment of Information Security Management System

  • Internal audit, such as information security committees

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