Information Sharing SNS Site "See"

Gathered House of Information Tools and Know-how. Connect Employees SNS Site

Not only OS bases around the country, for example, to reside in the center of client companies, high level of quality leveling in physically distant environment, in order to achieve improved productivity, sharing of information is not essential. Through information sharing SNS site "See" in TMJ, house of the information. All employees the tools and know-how you have been equally shared. In addition, all of the functions have any comments or share function, communication within the site have been actively carried out.

"See" Contents

Tool Mart (tool Mart)
Community site that aggregates the business tools that are scattered in-house
Case File (Case Study)
Latest tools of introduction and Case Studies, such as quality assessment report of the Center and outgoing
Forum (Forum)
House SNS thread format. Open / closed settings are also possible

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