Start-up / Standard Operations Procedure(SOP)

Call Center that can Continuous Improvement, Standard Procedures for Designing, Build and Operate a Back Office Center

SOP, the entire flow, flow of each task, purpose and goals, start-up and operation standard procedures what the written whether in detail continue to input created for each task item that is break down. Improvement of rapid business start-up and results numerically, prevention of mistakes, it will lead to the improvement of operational efficiency.

Consulting process(Consulting process), Project Management(Project planning, Project definition and planning, Project progress management), Operation(Capacity design, Service goal design, Risk design, Workflow design, Organizational design, Management design, Quality management design), Facilities(Facilities design), Human resources(Human resources procurement, Human resource development), Technology(Technology design)


Raised center Standing from consulting (Optional) based on client needs, operating structure building, about procedures and the concept of up to management improvement after cutover SOP is: is (Standard Operations Procedure standard procedures).


Standardization of Start-up Procedures / Artifacts Form

Procedures, streamline the center launched by the standardization of artifacts form (man-hour reduction, cost reduction), and progress management of projects, risk reduction, we will focus to crowded making operational quality of center.

Management Improvement, Strengthening Proposal Capabilities

Business improvement after operation, and contribute to the improvement of profitability by strengthening the ability to propose to the client.

  • Shortening of
    new business start-up period

  • Maximization and efficient center operations of

  • Early development of
    human resources

  • Utilization of
    accumulated know-how

  • The launch of a new business
  • Expansion of existing business
  • Improvement of existing business

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