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Call center, is a professional organization of employee education and training to provide individual training program that is greater than about 80 courses the employee to a subject in work in the back office center.
In TMJ, we Off-JT as Workplace Learning, OJT, the systematic combination of human resource development and self-development carried out. In addition, in order to enhance the day-to-day continuous quality, productivity and value-added, problem-solving approach, QC method, IE technique, 5S, visualization, production management, and has made the education of improvement techniques such as eliminating waste, improving it is also the base of activities.

Learn their own self-development, TMJ University, Center
Off-JT that is Offered by TMJ University
In order to more practical training, pre- and post-learning, it offers a combination of E-learning.
OJT Offered at the Center
Through in charge to work, we will continue to acquire knowledge and skills that are required on the business strategically.
Learn Their Own Self-development
How much even if trained and OJT will not be able to skill up that there is no consciousness to learn themselves. Knowledge and skills necessary to yourself, himself a recognized, and we will work proactively for skill improvement and development to bring their own intention. TMJ University offers a number of self-learning content to the operator.
ISO9001 JQA-QMA14346 MS JAB CM009

Operator for Training

Telephoning the operator is adopted responsible for the forefront of the field, everyone will attend the basic skills necessary to back-office operations. In addition, information security training as a company that keep the important information of customers, on the Code of Conduct training for compliance also everyone have taken, it will be assigned to the business.
All 20 courses are available for further growth, depending on the learning situation of skills after assignment from adoption.

LSV · SV · Manager for Training

Information security training in accordance with the role, as well the Code of Conduct training for compliance , systematically and implement the technical skills / human skills / planning skills training and OJT needed to design, operation and management of the business, reliably skills you certified equips.

  • LSV(Lead Supervisor)

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