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Nexon Co., Ltd., which develops various online games, has renewed its support system with the aim of further improving the service to users. We asked about the process of introducing the TMJ proposal improvement plan and the response to the present time, and future prospects.

Nexon Corporation

Nexon Corporation

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Nexon Corporation
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Nexon Corporation Operation Headquarters / Operation Department Support Team / Team Leader Takane Yuko like

The role that user support plays in operating online games is very important. Depending on the user, the machine and network environment used for the game are different, and there may be cases where they are confused or questioned by the method of charging or the addition of new content. Although we were dealing with support by e-mail, the number of inquiries increased, which was a big issue for us.
Of course we also set up a FAQ, but because we had a system to manage each game title, the amount and content of information varied. The burden on the person in charge was too heavy, and knowledge sharing was not enough. The analysis of the FAQ data has not been done either, so I think it could not be said that effective operations could be done.

Connecting the FAQ to solving on one's own

At that time, what TMJ suggested was the improvement of the contact center linked to the FAQ system. They clearly explained how important it is for the FAQ to improve the “searchability” that answers get the proper hits, “visibility” to view it, and “resolution” that leads to a solution, together with the vision after installation. If you solve the problem before you ask, you can reduce the cost of the operation, and above all, reduce the stress on users.
As online games evolve every day, it is not uncommon to find words we were not expecting. For example, a user who describes logout as “falling” on a daily basis uses the same word when searching in the FAQ. While picking up these words, it was also attractive to set up a Knowledge Manager to improve the FAQ in conjunction with the e-mail support.

The decisive factor was that I felt that the distance between the sales representative, the contact center for support, and Okei Wave Co., Ltd., who is in charge of the system, was close and we could get along. Also, I felt relieved that the person-in-charge actually played our game and understood the product properly.
The first thing I decided to do was to create a mechanism to manage the FAQ for each game title collectively, and to organize the headings and contents of the answer sentences. We took advantage of features that make it easy for users to find the answers they are looking for, such as reading the keywords entered in the inquiry form and displaying relevant FAQ. We made various requests from here, but it was nice to be able to respond sincerely to each request.

Billing inquiries cut in half

It took only four months to cut over. What surprised me was that the number of e-mail support inquiries began to decrease soon after the start of operation. In particular, the number of billing questions that had been so high was reduced by about half. In addition, inquiries such as error messages, login IDs, and points have been reduced. On the other hand, I realized that the access to the FAQ is increasing and the customers are contributing to solve by themselves. These issues related to “Can the users play the game?” are directly connected to sales, so there was a great impact.

The inquiries that can not be solved only by the support team are escalated to the operation team that plans and manages the game, but the number is also decreasing. Also, although we have been asking the operation team to improve the system based on the user’s voice, we can now make more convincing requests with certain data such as access counts and search words. Operate, use, and improve the FAQ-I feel that this kind of awareness is spreading throughout the company.

Nexon Corporation
Administration Headquarters / Operation Department
Support Team
Ms. Mitsuko Kanai
Nexon Corporation Administration Headquarters / Operation Department Support Team Ms. Mitsuko Kanai

Further evolution to improve user satisfaction

After that, the sense of security that the full-time knowledge manager is able to manage the FAQ is great. In order to meet the ever-changing needs of users, we hold meetings once a week and continue to search synonyms and answer sentences.

The strength of the system with TMJ is that it is not the end of creation, but it can evolve into a better one while watching the reaction of users. We hope to continue providing user support that allows you to enjoy the game with peace of mind.