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TMJ Code of Conduct

Is a management philosophy of TMJ "Client Value" is intended to indicate the significance of TMJ is present in the society as a company. We will demonstrate the outstanding expertise in the contract the business, we believe to be a "social responsibility" that is to contribute to business growth of client.

TMJ is currently in Japan as well, we are developing a broad business also in the ASEAN region. In these various environment, in order to a variety of human resources is going to realize "Client Value" is, all of the officers, is required "values", "criteria" that are common to the employee.
Therefore, we developed a Code of Conduct in October 2013, we documented the "values", "criteria" to be observed by all officers and employees who work in a group company of TMJ.

Upon Code of Conduct established, all of the officers as well as the Code of Conduct training for employees was carried out, we are also required to continuing education in the future. In addition, it is possible to build the Standing go back mechanism to standards of conduct at any time when necessary in-house, employees understand the Code of Conduct, and talk, we are carrying out activities in order to practice.


1-1 Basic Stance

This company shall require, from the directors and employees, the compliance and the practice not only with/of laws but with/of the moral and corporate ethics which are background of laws because we recognize that the most important code of conduct to continue our business in the society is the compliance.

1-2 Legal compliance / Practice of proper decision process

Our directors and employees shall be required the recognition of the importance of proper process to the decision other than the proper result and all our decision making shall need the sufficient discussion and consideration based on the facts and proper approval procedure. This company arranges rules and procedures for employees to practice due process.

2.Promotion of communication with society

2-1 Communication with society, information disclosure and information protection

This company recognizes that we have responsibility towards the wide range of stakeholders such as clients, its customers, cooperating companies, stockholders, community and administration, that is why we shall fulfill seasonable accountability when an event which affects stakeholders significantly occurred, and struggle to solve the common problems through the interactive communication.

2-2 Responding to globalization

This company shall contribute to the economic and social development of the country and the community where we develop a business to respond to the globalization of the business activities through the management which takes laws, culture and custom there into consideration and offers new values.

3.Relationship with society

3-1 Social contribution

This company shall promote social contribution activities to fulfill our social responsibility specifying challenge field to be engaged as a priority with our management principles and the recognition that that is the request of stakeholders to work on the social challenges and problems directly and indirectly.

3-2 Community contribution

This company shall contribute to the community revitalization such as the creation and the promotion of the employment through the attraction of business projects, in addition, also contribute to the realization of the rich and livable community by participating various initiatives in the community actively and promoting harmony with the community.

4.Contribution to environment conservation

4-1 Environment conservation

This company, in providing and executing our service and business, shall try to reduce the impact on environment such as utilizing energy efficient equipment and reducing/separating trash for the consideration for the environment.

5.Effort for services

5-1 Development/offer of service and its quality assurance

This company shall develop and offer socially useful service to respond to the need of clients and its customers and try to assure its quality to realize the client value.

5-2 Transmission of information about service

This company shall provide always proper and appropriate information in our sales activities, information transmission in our homepage and advertising activities through the seminars, lectures and other media towards our clients.

5-3 Responding to inquiry, quality improvement and development of new service

This company shall respond to the request of clients and its customers and the inspiration of employees quickly and sincerely as well as not only improve our service but also develop the goods and service of our clients and propose the improvement actively.

6.Establish the relationship of trust with business partners

6-1 Fair, transparent and free competition and appropriate business transactions

This company shall not disturb fair, transparent and free competition such as using unfair transaction measures and abusing dominant bargaining position.

6-2 Restriction of gift and entertainment

This company shall not perform entertainment and giving and receiving profit between clients and partner companies which exceeds acceptable extent to social standards or intends to acquire unfair profit.

6-3 Proper display

This company shall not describe our service with false, inaccurate or misleading notation to realize the fair and transparent competition.

6-4 Purchase activity

This company shall establish fair outsourcing/purchasing transaction policy to conclude fair agreement with sufficient evaluation on the selection of partner companies.
This company shall comply with the provisions about written order placement and payment due date prescribed in Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, Etc. to Subcontractors and eliminate unfair trade concluded by abusing dominant bargaining position to maintain and build long-term relationship of trust with cooperating companies.

6-5 Appropriate contract

This company shall make a contract in which fair and clear conditions written with precise understanding of risk and cost between our clients and cooperating companies.

6-6 Compliance with contract

This company shall always comply with the contract to achieve SLA arranged with clients in the development and offer of our service. We shall never perform KPI alteration and false report.

6-7 Relationship with clients (1)Compliance of rules

This company shall establish rules necessary for the business with clients and cooperating companies and arrange rules and checking system to make a best effort mutually for the compliance of rules.

6-8 Relationship with clients (2)Suggestions and recommendations for improvement

This company shall suggest the best measure to make a best relationship between clients and its customers.

6-9 Relationship with clients (3)Communication

Directors and employees of this company shall build mutual respectable relationship with clients and cooperating companies through the respectful behavior towards them regardless within or after business hours.

6-10 Protection of personal information

This company shall pay close attention in the whole process of collection, using, keeping and discard of information according to the privacy policy and improve our management system continuously to keep the best conditions always.

6-11 Protection of confidential information

This company shall protect properly the information of own, clients, its customers and cooperating companies which is justly managed as confidential, and never acquire and use confidential information unlawfully or improperly.
Our directors and employees, in their off-duty occasions, shall not mention the information regarding this company, clients, its customers and cooperating companies acquired in the course of duty performance as well as it is prohibited to write such information in the internet.

6-12 Protection of our intellectual property rights

This company shall recognize that tools, applications, manuals and products developed to perform our business are important intellectual properties and protect intellectual property rights appropriately.

6-13 Protection of intellectual property rights of third party

This company shall respect intellectual property rights of third party and not infringe them.

6-14 Timely and appropriate entering into accounting record

This company shall process fair accounting and prepare appropriate accounting record with building of the business process where complex verification and approval are incorporated.

6-15 Business continuation in the event of disaster

This company shall discuss the reaction to the disaster with clients and cooperating companies in advance, and in the event of actual disaster we shall make the best effort to continue the business with thorough communication.

7.Realize ideal working conditions for employees

7-1 Observance of laws of labor relations

This company shall observe laws of labor relations such as Labor Standard Act to maintain and improve the work environment for employees.

7-2 Building a safe work environment

This company shall comply with various applicable laws such as Fire Service Act and Occupational Safety and Health Act to maintain and improve safe and ideal work environment.

7-3 Observance of each internal rule such as working regulations

This company shall make working regulations and rules according to various laws and make it known to employees to prompt them to observe it completely.

7-4 Safety confirmation in the event of disaster

This company shall arrange the system and mechanism to confirm the safety of employees for the evacuation in the event of disaster.

7-5 Prohibition of child labor and forced labor

This company shall neither use the children below minimum age prescribed in the applicable law nor force to work against the will of the worker.

7-6 Prohibition of political and religious activity

This company shall not perform political or religious activity at all in the conduct of our business. We shall not solicit and sell the goods and service at all which are not related to our business.

7-7 Respect for diversity

This company shall make an effort to create the well-ventilated work place where employees with various concept of values can exchange opinions open-mindedly and work comfortably with mutual respect.
This company shall eliminate all unreasonable discrimination based on the presence or absence of gender, age, hobbies, education, nationality, race, religion, disabilities, especially in the treatment of recruitment, hiring and promotion time.

7-8 Commitment to human resource development and career development

This company shall arrange the system to evaluate capability of employees objectively and the mechanism to develop the capability in order to give employees the chance to play an active role as an assist of human resource development and career development.

7-9 Communication within workplace

Employees shall consult administrator when being unable to make a decision and administrator shall make an effort to build work environment for the problem solving as an organization where rank-and-file worker is easy to consult administrator.

7-10 Prohibition of various harassment such as power harassment and sexual harassment

Directors and employees shall respect human rights of others and shall not conduct any act that harms dignity of others, violates healthy work environment, discipline and order, disturbs business performance and mislead those around such as sexual harassment and power harassment.

7-11 Promotion of work-life balance

This company shall build a human resource management system which allows various working style to promote work-life balance of employees. Administrator shall consider not to give excessive burden on the employees and support planned business performance to lessen over time and to promote a leave acquisition.

7-12 Compliance with social norms and manners

Every director and employee, as a member of society and this company, shall be always responsible and behave honorably observing public order and morals of society.

7-13 Conservation of company assets

Directors and employees shall manage company asset properly according to rules prescribed by the company to prevent the damage on company assets managed by each employee or division.

7-14 Proper use of company assets

Directors and employees shall use company assets which are managed by each employee or division only for the rightful business and not for the private use or illegitimate use.

7-15 Prohibition of transactions involving conflict of interest

Directors and employees shall not sacrifice the profit of the company such as managing the competing business against this company and transacting with this company through the company in which he or his relatives engage.

7-16 About insider transaction

Directors and employees shall not acquire the important information regarding this company and clients of this company for the personal gains to prevent an insider transaction.

7-17 Relationship with the media

Directors and employees shall comply with the instruction of the public relation division for the correspondence to the various media, and shall not contact the media without the approval of public relation division to prevent the misleading such as his opinion represents the company.
Employees, if having an opinion about managing policy, human resource organization and management system of the company, shall submit the opinion according to the method and route prescribed by the company timely and appropriately, and shall not bring dishonor on the company in the internet.

8.Healthy relationship with politics and public administration

8-1 Relationship with politics and public administration

This company shall maintain healthy and transparent relationship with politics and public administration and shall not perform any dubious action such as bribery, illegal payoff, excessive entertainment, gift and collusive relationship.

9.Dealing with anti-social forces

9-1 Blocking relationships with anti-social forces and organizations

This company shall deal with anti-social forces and organizations in a resolute attitude and shall not interact at all including business relationship.

10.Compliance with code of conduct

10-1 Attitude of top management

Top management shall recognize that it is the basis of the establishment of the compliance and corporate ethics for him to show his sincere attitude to employees, and disseminate such corporate culture company-wide to fulfill the corporate social responsibility.

10-2 Building compliance system

Top management shall build the system which promotes the corporate ethics and the risk management and take an initiative for the effective function of such system. Top management also shall arrange the system for the report, communication and consultation to acquire various internal information quickly and accurately in order to improve corporate activities.

10-3 Internal publicity

Top management shall strictly perform internal publicity on the code of conduct with education and training to complete corporate ethics while improving the code continuously. Top management shall require the necessary cooperation to comply with this code of conduct not only from directors and employees but also from cooperating companies.

10-4 Measures against violation / possible violation

Top management shall show the positive attitude inside and outside of the company to solve problems when the violation against the code of conduct occurs, as well as make an effort to investigate the cause and prevent the reoccurrence to fulfill the accountability towards the stakeholders with quick and accurate information disclosure.

10-5 Penalty for the violation

This company shall impose a strictly fair penalty for the violation of punitive company regulations on the offender and, for the supervising responsibility, on his superior and the director, according to the internal rule.

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