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Please look forward to TMJ that provides continuously new values resulting from customer contact.

We have been approached to the achievement of the business goals of the clients as our mission since the establishment in 1992.

The growth of TMJ is not possible without the growth of our clients. We have started business area from call center and expanded it into back-office and we will continue to value "the attitude that pursues sincerely customer satisfaction considering the businesses and customers of the client as our own businesses and customers."

Information communication methods is changing rapidly, and communication with customers is diversified, sophisticated and complicated. Customer contact is becoming important more and more.
We will provide high-quality and high-value-added service according to the needs by combining the technology with the capacity of management and improvement in the job site.
We want to be a company in which each employee works lively holding his dream and achieving the goal without fail and that enables us to continue to provide new values for our clients.

Please look forward to the future of TMJ.

President Hideki Maruyama

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