Corporate Information

Past Record

TMJ is evaluated outstanding expertise and high call center management capabilities, has been entrusted with the business from a wide range of industries of companies and organizations such as finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, and public.

Banking and Finance

    • Telephone banking center business operations
    • ATM monitoring business
    • Internet banking help desk business
    • Securities agency business
    • Ordering business of stock trading
    • Seminars attract business
    • Investment goods guidance business
    • Open Account promote business
    • Medical insurance sales business
    • Request who follow business

Information and Telecommunications

    • Customer Support business
    • Agency support services
    • Data communication support services
    • Number portability corresponding counter services
    • Mobile content corresponding counter services
    • Continued use promotion services to existing customers
    • Corporate new customers appointment acquisition business
    • Corporation additional services appeal business
    • Mystery call, analysis, and evaluation services to the National Center
    • Order acquisition and shipping business peripherals


    • Inquiry corresponding window service from distributor
    • Technical support business
    • Game failure accepted business
    • Sample campaign accepted business
    • Customer Service Office dispatch business
    • Software maintenance contract renewal business
    • Dormant customer resurrection business
    • Existing customers periodic inspection receipts promote business
    • Store visitors promotion and visitors follow the lead acquisition business
    • Residential existing customers renovation promote business


    • Royal Customer response operations
    • Customer service representative business
    • Care consultation service business
    • Condominium residents of nighttime telephone response operations
    • IR-related inquiry accepted business
    • Communication educational use promotion business
    • Communication education enrollment acquisition business
    • Election forecasting research business
    • Ministries statistical survey reminder business
    • Condominium management expenses payment encourage business

Retail and Distribution

    • Mail order office dispatch business
    • Adoption reception-agency business
    • Gift inquiry accepted business
    • Private Brand Inquiries business
    • Mail order contact business operations

Public Service Sector Activities

    • Pension scheduled flights business
    • Postal system help desk business
    • Final return call center operations
    • Electricity use start and stop accepting business
    • Gas opening and closing plug accepted business
    • Gas appliances inspection appointment acquisition business
    • Carbon monoxide detectors installed promote business
    • Answering quality survey and quality enhancement training business

Banking and finance

  • Account opening business
  • Corrective back-office operations

Information and telecommunications

  • Direct marketing (DM) materials production and shipping


  • Warehousing and logistics management business
  • DM production and shipping business.
  • Request accepted and shipping business.

Public service sector activities

  • Pension records matching business

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