The Company shall obtain and use the following information (referred hereinafter to as “Access Log etc.”) for the purposes provided below when accessing this website by the user from devices such as personal computer or mobile phone. The Company shall obtain cookies stored in the computer of the user. The Access Log etc on this website may associate with the accumulated personal information. Furthermore, cookies do not contain information that can directly identify the name and address of an individual.

3.Purpose of Use 4.About Provision to Third Parties Personal information (identification information) shall not be provided to third parties without consent from the user. 5.About Consignment of Personal Information (Identification Information) The Company may outsource all or part of its business operations that handle personal information (identification information). 6.About Sharing The Company does not share all of part of personal information (identification information) handled by its business operations. 7.Voluntariness and Its Consequence Provision of personal information (identification information) is optional.
In case the user does not wish to provide personal information (identification information) and does not need guidance from the Company, please disable cookies in the Web browser settings. 8.About Handling of Personal Information (Identification Information) Appropriate security measures shall be taken to securely store and manage personal information (identification information) to be provided. 9.About Acquisition of Personal Information (Identification Information) in Methods it Cannot be Easily Recognized Personal information (identification information) may be obtained for the purpose of 3. mentioned above. 10.Secured Management Measures in Relevant Pages Necessary and appropriate measures shall be taken to prevent and remedy leakage, loss or corruption of obtained identification information, to dispose data and to securely manage them. 11.Revision, Addition, Deletion, Use or Denial of Personal Information to be Disclosed and Complaints The department in possession of personal information to be disclosed shall notify its purpose of use, disclose it, revise its contents, perform additions or deletions, suspend its use or delete it promptly upon request from the user.
Furthermore, personal information to be disclosed shall be considered as items provided by the user to the Company.
Please contact our “Personal Information Help Desk” for inquiries. 12.Inquiries The Company shall respond to complaints and inquiries concerning personal information through the following help desk.
Please be reminded that we shall not respond to direct inquiries. Personal Information Help Desk
Legal Affairs and Compliance Corporate Management Department, TMJ, Inc.
Phone: 03-6758-2028 (10AM-5PM; unavailable on weekends, public holidays and year-end holidays)