Publication Matters according to Personal Information Protection Act

This company publishes the matters regarding the use purpose of acquiring personal information, procedure of providing the third parties and responding to the disclosure request and complaints acceptance, based on the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, basic policy on the protection of personal information (Cabinet decision), enforcement ordinance of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, the Guidelines prescribed by the competent minister based on the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, Personal Information Protection Management System and the rule of the organization to which we belongs.
Above publication matters do not include personal information related to employment management of Employees.

Publication Matters

I. Publication of use purpose of personal information and possessing personal data

  1. (1)
    The use purpose of the personal information which is acquired from the person in question directly and indirectly not in writing (including input into the screen in the network, the same shall apply hereinafter) is items written in below (B) regarding the business written in below (A) .
    1. (A)
      About business which is subject to use
      1. a.
        Consulting and operational support business regarding CRM strategy planning and implementation
      2. b.
        Consulting and management agency business regarding construction and operation of call center
      3. c.
        Consulting and alternate processing business regarding back office business
      4. d.
        Information processing business such as database construction and data analysis service
      5. e.
        Planning, development, management and management agency business of e-commerce site and internet marketing site
      6. f.
        Offer official contents for mobile site, information supply business and information supply agency business using other internet sites
      7. g.
        Internet advertising agency business
      8. h.
        Business to develop, sell and lease software
      9. i.
        Education and training business for call center operators and administrators
      10. j.
        Reaction quality management business of call center operators and administrators
      11. k.
        Other business related to or incidental to above items
    1. (B)
      About purpose which is subject to use.
      1. a.
        To offer requested goods / service
      2. b.
        To notify information regarding goods and service
      3. c.
        To prepare questionnaire, research, statistics data and marketing materials
      4. d.
        To study and develop the plan related to our business
      5. e.
        To estimate and monitor reaction quality
      6. f.
        To request transaction with our company such as outsourcing
      7. g.
        To perform outsourced business
      8. h.
        For various contacts on business performance
      9. i.
        Other purpose related to or incidental to above items
      • For the information acquired from the person in question directly in writing among personal information acquired by this company, the purpose of use will be indicated individually as a general rule.
  2. (2)
    This company uses personal information offered by the outsourcer according to the outsourced business such as a call center business to the necessary extent to achieve the purpose of that outsourcing agreement.

II. Matters related to "third party offer"

  1. (1)
    This company manages holding personal information properly and not provide it to the third party without the prior consent of the said person. However, the following cases are excluded.
    • The case laws and regulations require
    • The case that it is necessary to protect human life, body or properties and difficult to acquire the consent of the person in question.
    • The case that is particularly necessary for the promotion of public health or the growth of children and difficult to obtain the consent of that person.
    • The case that it is necessary to cooperate with the governmental organizations, local government or its agency for the achievement of the duties prescribed by the law and to obtain the consent of the said person could disturb the performance of the duties.
    • he case that necessary matters are notified to the said person or it is published in this home page according to Personal Information Protection Act.
  2. (2)
    When this company uses personal information jointly with a certain third party, this company notify the person in question of that fact, personal information item shared, scope of sharing persons, the purpose of use and the responsible person for the personal information management or publish them in this home page.

III. Procedure about disclosure, correction, addition and deletion of holding personal data

This company accepts the request of disclosure, correction or deletion (hereinafter referred to as "Request of Disclosure") of our holding personal data from the person in question or the agent pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Act.

  1. (1)
    Specify items of subject to "Request of Disclosure."
    The person in question or its agent who requests the disclosure shall specify the information to disclose, correct, add or delete using the application form prescribed by this company.
  2. (2)
    Application destination of "Request of Disclosure"
    Call the office specified in IV. (1) for the request of disclosure, so that this company will send you necessary documents.
  3. (3)
    Required documents (form) to submit for the "request of disclosure"
    To request the disclosure, complete all prescribed items in the prescribed form sent from this company and return to this company enclosing the identity verification documents. Documents to be returned are the following (A) and (B).
    1. (A)
      1 application form prescribed by this company
    2. (B)
      Identity verification documents
      • Any of copy of ID with address such as driving license and health insurance card with the application form
      • Copy of ID without address such as passport and 1 copy of residence certificate with application form
  4. (4)
    "Request of Disclosure" by agent
    If the person who requests disclosure is the legal representative of minor or an adult ward or an agent delegated by the person in question, enclose the following documents (A or B) in addition to the application form prescribed in the preceding paragraph (A).
    1. (A)
      For the legal representative
      1. a.
        Documents to prove the right of representation
        • For the person in parental authority, 1 copy of the family register or the insurance card in which dependents are stated
      2. b.
        Documents to prove legal representative person
        • 1 copy of ID in which address is stated such as a driving license
        • 1 copy of ID in which address is not stated such as a passport and 1 copy of residence registry
    1. (B)
      For the delegated agent
      1. a.
        1 copy of power of attorney in the form prescribed by this company
      2. b.
        1 copy of seal certificate
      3. c.
        Documents to prove representative person
        • 1 copy of ID in which address is stated such as a driving license
        • 1 copy of ID in which address is not stated such as a passport and 1 copy of residence registry
    • "Copy of residence registry" and "Seal certificate" in (3) and (4) shall be issued within 3 months from application day
  5. (5)
    Procedure fee and its collection method
    This company charges the following fee for the "Request of Disclosure."
    (The request for correction, addition and deletion is not charged.)
    970 yen per application (tax included)
    Please transfer from a post office to the specified account. The transfer fee shall be shouldered by applicant.
  6. (6)
    Method of answer to the "Request of Disclosure"
    By sending a document to the address stated in the application
  7. (7)
    The purpose of use of the personal information acquired related to the "Request of Disclosure"
  8. (8)
    1. (A)
      This company will send a notice in the following cases. If there is no response within prescribed period after the notice, the application will be discarded. In this case, paid fee will be returned.
      • In case prescribed documents are not complete
      • In case ID is not verified such as address stated in the application, attached documents and registration in this company is different
      • In case agency cannot be confirmed for the application by proxy
      • In case the fee is not paid or insufficient
    1. (B)
      The followings are the reason to deny disclose. The disclosure denial will be sent with the reason. The prescribed fee shall be charged for the denial case and paid fee is not subject to refund.
      • When it does not meet the requirements of the disclosure prescribed in the Personal Information Protection Act
      • When it is asking the disclosure of other than "personal data held"
      • When it could harm the life, body, properties or other rights of the person in question or the third party
      • When it could disturb proper performance of the business of this company
      • When it violates other laws or regulations

IV.Personal Information Administrator

TMJ Inc. Legal Affairs and Compliance Corporate Management Department

V.Contact Center for Personal Information

  1. (1)
    Contact Center of this company
    Contact us at the following office for the complaints about our handling of personal information, the request to notice the purpose of use of the personal data held by this company, the "Request of Disclosure" and other inquiries.
    Personal Information Contact Center
    QR code
    Phone:03-6758-2028 (9:00~18:00 excluding Saturday, Sunday and holiday / year end and new year )
    • Please do not visit our office. Any inquiries in such way will not be accepted.
  2. (2)
    The name and the contact information of "Authorized Personal Information Protection Organization" to which this company belongs
    Name of authorized personal information protection organization
    General incorporated foundation Japan information economy and society Promotion Association
    Contact center for the complaints
    Privacy complaints consultation center
    〒106-0032 First Building, 1-9-9 Roppongi Minato-Ku Tokyo
    Phone Number