Notes on Use

About SSL

This website uses "SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)" for the secure communication of customers. "SSL" is a security feature to communicate by encrypting the information on the internet. The personal information input by customers can be sent and received by automatically encrypted if you use SSL-enabled browser. SSL is supported by standard browser such as Internet Explorer 2.1 or later and Netscape Navigator 2.0 or later.

About Cookie / Web Beacon

This website uses the mechanism of Cookie and Web Beacon. Cookie is the mechanism that verifies the user by sending a small data file to the hard disk or memory of the computer of the user. Web Beacon is the small image file or tag that analyzes statistics and monitors the effect regarding the use of this website by placing web beacon on a certain Web page. The purpose of it is to provide the better information and service for the users.
Cookie and Web beacon never inform this company of the name, address and phone number of the user.

About Access Log

This website may accumulate the information of the access by the user as an access log on the web server of this site. Access log includes domain name, browser type and access date of the user by which the user cannot be identified.

About Recommended Browser

It is recommended Internet Explorer 8.0 or later for the use of this Website. JavaScript is used in each page. If you disable JavaScript, some features or display may not work correctly. Please use after enabling JavaScript.