List of services

We provide excellent expertise based on rich past results and know-how improving outsourced process by continuous scientific and engineering aproach.

  • Call Center Service

    Our mission is to contribute to the growth of the client's business with outstanding expertise. We naturally, not limited to, realize high customer satisfaction with the accurate and careful reactions, we also provide customer contact support that creates better result with a prediction of customer behaviour after the use of goods and services.

  • Back Office Service

    We make intricate back-office clerical prcess more efficient and productive through the visualization and standardization of important experiences and wisdoms in job site utilizing the know-how cultivated in contact center operation. Inaddition, we review the whole business with broad perspective to reconstruct the way of division of labor and improve the productivity per time in the organization.

  • Global Service

    Overseas expansion needs of companies based on the global strategy is heightening such as office development to China and ASEAN and offshoring of the business of call center and back-office. TMJ supports offshore and local business, just like Japanese company, utilizing delicate response capability and extensive experiences and past records.

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