Back Office Service

Support quality improvement and cost optimization
of back-office business
by scientific and engineering approach

We provide complicated office process of the back-office more efficiently and productively by visualizing and standardizing valuable experiences and wisdoms in job site utilizing know-how cultivated through the call center operation.
We review the whole business from a broad perspective to reconstruct the way of division of labor and moreover improve the productivity per hour of the organization.

List of Back Office Service

  • Contact Point Related Solution

    We reconstruct and optimize the business utilizing scientific and engineering approach cultivated through the planning, designing and operation of the call center and provide process business such as receiving and placing orders, reception business, data processing and input.

    • Business visualization / improvement service
    • Form management business
  • Indirect Field Solution

    To focus your company's resources in departments or operations with more competitive power, we propose using our BPO solution in indirect operations, powered by our track record in providing shared services to leading companies.

    • Business visualization / improvement service
    • "Small improvement" activity
  • Consulting & Analysis

    We diagnose, evaluate, analyze to the necessary extent and assist the improvement for the optimization of the back-office.
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    • Business visualization / improvement service
    • Form management business

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