Contact Point Related Solution

Proposes optimum BPO service utilizing
scientific and engineering approach
that is cultivated in contact service

The contact point related solution is proposed as processing business such as receiving or placing order, reception business, data processing and input after reconstructing and optimizing business utilizing scientific and engineering aproach that is cultivated by planning, designing and operating call center. We can reconstruct the business that is difficult to outsource, in a reproducible form by our elaborate technology of visualization and standardization. We propose optimum BPO service for each client with high productivity and reliability and low cost.

Clarify the Ideal Aspect of the Business

We analyze the structure and operation from the inventory count and highlight the gap of current state and ideal state. What shall be done to bridge it? We contribute to the cost reduction and productivity improvement through the quanitification which leads the principle of the reformation and the improvement.

Service of business visualization / improvement
Visualize the "list" and "quantity" of the business to propose BPO which leads to whole optimization.

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Realize Documents and Workflow which is Easy to Read and Communicate.

We realize effective operation management by the improvement of form design and process through finding the disincentives of information communication in forms.

Form Management Service
Visualize the problem of forms with numeric value to optimize workflow of the process.

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  • Focus on core business
    to increase profit

  • Optimize business process
    to improve productivity

  • Prevent and dissolve from
    making black box in business

  • Solve customer dissatisfaction factors
    to improve CS

  • Customer Care Related Process Business

    • Receiving and placing orders / Account opening / Application acceptance
    • Preprocessing and post processing of conclusion of a contract / Deficiency solution
    • Management of record of shareholders / Customer management
    • Credit management / information preservation etc.
  • Office Processing Business

    • Data process / Input / Imaging
    • Documentation / Editing / Proofreading
    • Data organizing / Management
    • Document related to contract / invoice / etc.

Inquiry / Consultation
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