Call Center Service

Perform the operation which provides the value
arranged for each customer
with CS mind in a appropriate timing

Realize the high customer satisfaction by precise and courteous answering. Communicate day-to-day awareness in contact site precisely with visualization and pursue the economy of overall business including before and after process.
Confront problems with scientific view and respond efficiently by scale expansion and improvement of hourly productivity.

Call Center Service List

  • Customer Care

    Contribute to the maximization of CS and profit by answering to the contact from the customer optimally.

    • Products consultation center
    • Technical consulting center
    • Agent support center
    • Product sales promotion center
  • Sales Support

    Maximize the return on investment by the sophisticated operation based on the prediction.

    • New customer acquisition
    • Existing customer expansion
    • Prevent sleeping / resign and revive
    • Prevent sales opportunity loss
  • System Tool

    TMJ provides system tool that is the solution of various problems of call center.

    • Adoption test system "Pikap"
    • Shift optimization tool "ALGO"
    • Information sharing assist tool "Be"
    • Calling optimization tool "OPT" etc.
  • Consulting &

    Assist diagnosis, evaluation, analysis and marketing necessary for the development of call center.

    • Answering quality diagnosis
    • Mystery call etc.
  • Training

    Participatory training that
    ”Comprehend the "Reason" and realize the "Possibility"

    • Operator training
    • SV training

Inquiry / Consultation
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