Business Visualization / Improvement Service

Simple examination using business visualization method

We comprehend "Trend / Current Situation" which leads to whole optimization through visualization of the "List" and "Quantity" of the business. Optimum BPO is proposed after the analysis of the visualized whole organization.

Business can be extracted without leakage by the examination using list preparation and questionnaire of business. Examination is conducted by "Questionnaire method" which does not load on job site.

Image of output
  1. Business construction drawing
  2. Questionnaire
  3. Business database
  4. Load analysis
  5. Matrix analysis
  6. Personal business extraction
  7. Skill level analysis

Examination is conducted with 5 steps. There is a manual for conduct method for each process.

  1. Project kick-off
  2. Task / Business hearing
  3. Questionnaire for business quantity survey
  4. Detail checking by feedback sheet
  5. Database preparation analysis / Proposal
  • Cost reduction by
    business outsourcing

  • Improve profit-earning capacity by
    concentrating at core business

Establishment of administration strategy / business strategy

  • Definition of core business and standardization
  • Extract outsourcing business
  • Extract prior issue
  • Risk comprehension of business stagnation

Solve business issue

  • Equalization and simplification of business
  • Placing the right person in the right place
  • Extract business bias and inefficient business
  • Eliminate business personalization

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