Analysis Service Using Japan Version Customer Satisfaction Index (JCSI)

Analyze customer satisfaction (CS) structurally using JCSI data.

It is not easy to construct a Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle that plans necessary improvement measures, implements it and measures the effect based on the customer satisfaction investigation. This service assists the construction of PDCA cycle to improve CS proposing a specified improvement plan prepared by TMJ, that has operation know-how at contact point, based on the analysis result interpretation with necessary quantitative evidence conducted by Intage Inc., that is specialized in research and consulting.

  • This service is provided by the combination of Intage Inc., specialized company in research and consulting, and TMJ, that has operational know-How at contact point based on the JCSI (Japan version Customer Satisfaction Index) offered by Service Industry Productivity Council.
Customer expectations:Expectations for companies and brands, Perceived quality:Overall quality assessment, Perceived value:Cost performance, Customer satisfaction:Overall satisfaction, Recommended intention:Recommended intention to other companies, Royalty:Intention of future reuse
Guide to analysis menu, Current status of hearing (requests, issues), Check analysis content (order), Creation of report / aggregate calculation, Report of analysis results

Analysis of factors that affect CS
(※Analysis of 4 companies, your company and other 3 companies, is provided in basic service.)
Clarify the "Structure of CS" and affection degree of "Affecting factor on CS (Perceived Quality)."

  • Structure of CS Classified by Company

    Compare the structure of CS

  • Strength and Weakness Analysis

    Evaluation of your company is relatively compared with industry average and benchmark company to clarify the strength and weakness of your company.

  • Affection Degree of the Affecting Factor of CS (Perceived Quality)

    Items related the perceived quality can be utilized to clarify that how each item affects the satisfaction degree. It can be reflected upon activity plan, what shall be strengthened, to be performed for CS improvement.

  • CS Matrix Analysis
    (Performance - affection degree).

    Items to be improved for CS improvement is revealed by arranging the performance (average score in perceived quality items) and its affection for CS.

  • Acquire
    continuous CS

  • Comprehend your company
    in comparison with a competitor as a benchmark

  • The purpose of CS improvement is not clear.
  • What to do for CS improvement is not clear.
  • Effort to improve CS is not continuous.

Inquiry / Consultation
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