Mystery Call

Find problems of the call center from the view of customers

The contact with a call center and customer service division pretending a customer for the undercover investigation according to the calling scenario designed according to the purpose. It investigates answering whether it faces to the customer, it has hospitality, it communicates the attractiveness of your products according to the investigation purpose and analyzes current state comprehension, superiority and weakness of your company by comparing with your other contact points and competitive companies.

  Implementation Period Contents Deliverables
1.Interview 2 hours
  • Interview with the responsible person in your quality management division
  • Confirm the mission and goal in that investigated division
  • Prepare investigation scenario
  • Schedule confirmation
2.Prepare manuals About 2 weeks
  • Prepare investigation scenario
  • Prepare script
  • Scenario
  • Script
3.Implement mystery call About 2 weeks
  • Staff of TMJ calls pretending a customer and perform undercover investigation according to the script.
  • Mystery call voice
4.Calibration About 1 week
  • TMJ estimation staff performs calibration with a sample voice (hearing conditioning)
5.Evaluation About 2 weeks
  • TMJ monitoring staff evaluates the answering according to Answering Quality Evaluation Standard (TMJ Standard).
6.Prepare result report About 2 weeks
  • Arrange the result in the answering quality evaluation sheet and prepare analysis report.
7.Result report 2 hours
  • Report the result.
  • Result report
  • Individual evaluation result
  • Various data
  • Extract problems in whole call center

  • Extract individual problems of each operator

  • Verification of answering state in call center
  • Comparison with other contact points and divisions of your company
  • Comparison with competitors

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