Answering Quality Diagnosis

Diagnose the problems and improvement points for answering in call center

Clarify the problems and improvement points for the answering quality improvement through the estimation analysis of entire call center, each segment and each personnel from the position of third party using estimation standard which is composed of well balanced factors for answering quality. It diagnoses comprehensively basic answering, communication skill and CS mind. Diagnosis result can be useful to review the training program and prepare the practical training curriculum. If you want to confront quality improvement from now or comprehend the current state quickly, our quick diagnosis is suitable.

Answering Quality Diagnosis

  • Already conducting quality improvement activities, but want to know the answering quality objectively.
  • Want to measure the effect of your improvement activities.

Quick Diagnosis(Recomended)

  • Do not know where to start approaching quality improvement.
  • Want to comprehend the current state quickly.
  Implementation Contents Quick Diagnosis
(Implementation period 1 month)
Answering Quality Diagnosis
(Implementation period 2 months)
  • Interview with the responsible person in your quality management division
  • Confirm the mission and goal of your call center
  • Schedule confirmation
2 hours 2 hours
  • Voice communication is provided by your company (CD-ROM, DVD-R, etc.)
  • TMJ estimation staff performs calibration with a sample voice provided by your company (hearing conditioning)
About 1 week About 1 week
  • TMJ evaluation staff evaluates the answering according to Answering Quality Evaluation Standard (TMJ Standard).
About 1 week About 2 weeks
4.Prepare result report
  • Arrange the result in the answering quality evaluation sheet and analyze it.
  • Prepare report.
About 1 week About 2 weeks
5.Result report
  • Report the result.
  • Result report
  • Result report
  • Evaluation result for each personnel
  • Various data

Diagnosis Flow

1.Operator 2.Logger recorder 3.TMJ Staff(Monitoring, Evaluation sheet filled, Analysis)
  • Extract problems in the entire call center

  • Extract the individual problem of each operator

  • Comprehend objective answering quality of the call center
  • Effect verification of human resource development measures
  • Extract problems of call center

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