Form Management Service

Find disincentives of information communication through forms
Improve form design and conducting process for better communication

Illegible forms such as notice and application cause waste and opportunity loss. It is possible that the illegibility not only increases phone calls to the call center which increases the cost but also causes opportunity loss such as a disengagement of customers from the contract. This service proposes the improvement of form design and business process for defect-free and efficient processing by establishing legible communication.

Universal Communication Design Association
General incorporated association that studies efficiency of information communication between company / organization and ordinary citizens to contribute the profit of both sides.

Evaluation is performed based on DC9 heuristic evaluation method (evaluation method based on empirical rule of experts).

  • Experts of design and communication find problems of evaluation subject based on the empirical rule.
  • Classify the problems into 9 items of "Tangibility" developed by UCDA.
  • Quantify the depth of problems to make it indicator of the improvement.
  • DC9 heuristic evaluation method is a patent of UCDA.

9 Items of "Tangibility"

  1. 1.
    Information quantity
    (Proper? Not excessive?)
  2. 2.
    (Is the required act of user tangible?)
  3. 3.
    (Do the sentence have amphiboly?)
  4. 4.
    (Is the lead track of cognition designed naturally?)
  5. 5.
    (Legibility of characters, Do they consider readability?)
  1. 6.
    Color Scheme
    (Is there a consideration of the color vision of various users?)
  2. 7.
    Mark / Chart
    (Does it make a graphic based on the state-of-knowledge?)
  3. 8.
    (Does it have enough space for filling-in?)
  4. 9.
    Problem for use
    (Is there disincentives for information use?)

Typical Techniques for "Form Design Improvement"

  • DC9 heuristic evaluation method
  • Sentence DC9 heuristic evaluation method
  • Measure information quantity
  • Measure eye movement and design elements
  • Color scheme
  • UCDA font "Min-na no Moji" is readable for elderly.

UCDA accreditation is a quality assurance of "tangibility" by disinterested party.

Subject of "Eye-Friendly Design" Accreditation

Not readable forms that cause the stress of users

  • General documents
  • Report
  • Greeting
  • Envelope, calendar, notebook, timetables, etc.
  • Acquire at life insurance company
  • Credit card company
  • Bank
  • Local government

Accreditation Subject of "Communicable Design"

Documents of which illegibility causes disbenefit of users

  • Application form of insurance and finance instrument
  • Notice
  • Billing statement
  • Brochure
  • Report, product manual, e-commerce screen, ATM screen, etc.
  • Acquire at life insurance company
  • Property insurance company
  • Investment trust
  • Bank
  • Local government

Analyze business process procedure and system operation procedure to analyze the problems on obstruction management and operation management.
Verify the effect of form improvement by analyzing business quantity in phase 1 and visualizing business process in phase 2.

Phase 1

The simplified investigation to find "Trend Value" is performed by minimizing load on business operator, extracting business from survey by questionnaire and comprehending the current "Business Quantity."

  • Prepare the list of businesses at the job site
  • Comprehend work quantity of each business by numeric value.
  • Assist planning of improvement policy and cost reduction policy.

Phase 2

"Extract business process" through the hearing into the operators of job site based on the list prepared by business quantity investigation to prepare the work procedure flow.

  • Prepare the procedure flow
  • Visualize the relationship of "Process" and "Form and System."
  • Assist the determination of the orientation of improvement measures based on the flow of goods and information.
  • Reduce the flaw rate
    in documents

  • Reduce
    inquiries and complaints

  • Create sales opportunity
    such as the increase the request of documents

  • Promote
    augmentation of members

  • Many questions for how to enter the application form
  • High flaw rate of application documents
  • Giving troubles to the customer to eliminate the flaw

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