Sales Support

TMJ's sales support produces a high return
on investment by sophisticated operation
and contributes to the expansion of sales and profits

The sales support service is a contributing service to the expansion of sales and profits through interaction with a customer including from new customer acquisition, awakening of dormant customer and promotion of use to sales promotion triggered by the contact from customers. It is a sophisticated operation to produce a high return on investment exploiting an efficient transmission planning based on the construction of "Prediction Model" by which purchase probability rate is assessed, and the analysis technique that crossbreeds customer attribute data and the skill of operators.

Outbound Sales that Enhances Sales Efficiency

Predict the one who must buy it utilizing analysis technique and contact that person, which means no contact with the one who has low probability to buy. In addition, enhance the accuracy and efficiency of sales by promoting purchase decision-making precisely using sophisticated operation strategy.

  • Data Analysis which Maximizes Outbound Result

    Phone-call Optimization Tool "OPT"
    Assign an operator an optimum phone-call list from more than 5,600 combinations of various factors such as difficulty level of acquisition and connection and operation skill.

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  • Sophisticated Operation that Promotes Purchase Decision-making

    KPI Management
    Set the performance indicators for each case and conduct the operation management and business improvement in accordance with the numerical value.

    Advantage of TMJ:KPI management

Inbound Sales that Create Sales Opportunity

Predict the needs from the background and purchase history of customers and propose suitable goods for each customer in the best timing through the highly skilled and courteous conversation of operators.

  • Mechanism that Predicts the Needs and Shares it

    Knowledge Management Tool
    Comprehend the result of VOC and questionnaire quickly to utilize it for answering.

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  • Development of Human Resources with a High Sales Force

    Social Style Training
    Training to comprehend the type of operator own and the customer for the adoption of suitable answering in accordance with each type

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  • Efficient acquisition of
    new customer

  • Sales promotion
    with the best timing

  • Sales expansion
    focusing on the profit

Contribute to the sales expansion through the interaction with customers including from the acquisition of new customer, awakening dormant customers and promotion of use to the sales promotion triggered by the contact from customers.

  • New Customer Acquisition

    • Escalating subscription acquisition in communication service
    • Life insurance medical insurance sales business
    • Property insurance : development business of prospective corporate customer
  • Sales Expansion to Existing Customers

    • Follow-up with huge quantities of insurants
    • Internet up-sell promotion business
    • Promotion business of credit card revolving system
  • Revival of Dormant or Resigned Customers

    • Internet course for correspondence education
    • Cosmetics : Awakening business of dormant customers
    • Broadcasting : Revival promotion business to unsubscribed customers
  • Inbound Sales

    • Order reception center of home appliances shopping site
    • Reception business of online shopping by PC maker
    • Acceptance business of health food mail order

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