Shift Optimization Tool "ALGO"

Tool to reduce man-hour of shift creation

There are large scale and diverse shifts in the center which means not only that the creation of shift table is a heavy load but also that the accuracy of the shift table influences business quality and the cost significantly. This system, installed algorism that minimizes the difference of surplus / shortage of operators and enables detail setting with the register items such as necessary number of operators, work conditions and request from each person, realizes not only man-hour reduction of the shift creator but also the optimization of shift fill rates.

Condition input(Necessary number of people,Working conditions,Personal requests),optimization,and results(Automatic creation:Shift table,Booth sufficiency).
  • Reduction of man-hour to create the shift

  • Improve the rate of shift filling

  • Cost reduction
    Opportunity loss decrease

  • Abide

  • Increase the motivation of
    the operators

  • Emerges the excessive man-hour to create the shift.
  • Emerges overs and shorts in shift filling state.
  • Unable to reflect the request of the operators.
  • Exists the sense of unfairness in the operator shift.

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