Information Sharing Assist Tool "Be"

Comprehend the information sharing and operation state which is necessary for the center operation in real time.

Change the necessary communication for the operation such as dissemination, information sharing shift information from paper-base to online state. It enables the administrator to comprehend the state in real time, confirm the state of attendance and login, knowledge sharing, operation adjustment and read confirmation of delivered information which contributes to the great reduction of management man-hour.

Image of Be screen
  • Board for well-known / eStudy(eLearning Questionnaire)
    • confirmation of course attendance and browsing history
  • Operation / work management (investigation of request for shift / shift confirmation / replacement )
  • FAQ / Glossary / age chart / zip code search / break timer
  • Proficiency promotion
    by knowledge sharing

  • Quick Result comprehension of
    VOC and questionnaire

  • Preventions of dissemination leakage

  • Load reduction of SV

  • Morning meeting / Shift change
  • Take-over communication / dissemination
  • Questionnaire of the request for shift
  • Shift change / adjustment
  • Proficiency check after mini training
  • Questionnaire for customer response and VOC

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