FAQ Construction Service

Assist the construction of Web-FAQ which realizes self solve-rate improvement and incoming call reduction based on the analysis of VOC.

The tip on maximizing customer convenience of Web-FAQ exists in the call center. TMJ materializes the ideal state of Web-FAQ from the analysis of VOC and maximizes the merit of FAQ installation. Generate Web-FAQ contents using the solution of our partner company. We provide knowledge management service which realizes customer self solve-rate improvement and the incoming call reduction, even after operation start of FAQ.

Only 23 percent of issues resolved at the Web support site (Phone call:41.4%, Inquired through email or contact form:21.7%, Going to the shop:16.0%, Asked the person in charge to come over:4.9%, Gave up:6.3%, Problem is resolved at the web support site:23.2%
  • Source: Japan Brand Strategy Institute support survey results analysis 2013
  • The proportion of respondents (%), multiple answers
Words used when talking face-to-face with customer and when talking on the phone. Example: Inquiries regarding "cannot pay" from the credit card company. For customers who cannot pay, the operator can change to inquiries regarding revolving credit. In the original FAQ, the issue must be resolved in the "cannot pay" section.
  • Improve customer resolution rate

  • Cost reduction

  • Web-FAQ support site

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