Application for Smartphone "hello"

Dedicated application for the customer support to smartphone user

Streamline the correspondence by selectively using the auto chat, text chat, voice chat and video chat.
Realize customer friendly corresponding for the smartphone by using optimum channel seamlessly for the solving problems of the customer, different from the traditional support that fixes channel such as phone channel for phone and mail channel for mail.

1.Support is provided by free communications (CS improvement). All auto chat text chat, voice chat communication free. Feel free to contact.*There is packet traffic cost. 2.Communication channel seamless support that is like talking face-to-face with the customer (CS improvement). By operation that is like talking face-to-face with a customer, we can provide a sense of intimacy and sense of security. We can achieve customer satisfaction through switching of channel in response to the kind of inquiry. 3.The incoming call reduction in natural induction to the customer self-solve (Performance improvement). Cost optimization is achieved by self-solving by auto chat, and by introducing the customers to the web page that contains the information that they want to know. AS-IS: When the web-FAQ is not fully prepared, the customers cannot resolve the problem on their own, so they have to make a phone call (leads to reduced customer satisfaction due to duplication of effort) It is necessary to complete the inquiry in the accessed channel, even with contents that can be seen from images, when talking on the phone the issues take time to be explained (difficulty of transmission) For contact centers with call charges, the duplication of effort and difficulty of transmission leads to increased burden of the customer. TO-BE:By using hello, a highly convenient communication for customers can be achieved. 1.Improved self-solve rate due to auto chat. 2.At any time accessible to chat phone in case you are unable to resolve by auto chat. 3.Customers and your company can have free calls through IP phone.
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