Web Knowledge Agent

Interactive style Web assistant that reduces incoming call to call center

Promote early self-solution on Web and reduce incoming call to the call center by installing interactive Web assistant (Web knowledge agent).
Realize the reduction of incoming call and optimization of the cost by the combination of the technology of iNAGO Inc., a leading company of virtual assistant, and knowledge management process of TMJ.

1.Click the site of the banner, start the Web knowledge agent (popup). 2.Enter the questions. 3.Issue solved on its own through automatic response. 4.Log analysis 5.Report of results. 6.Revice and add FAQ from the exchange of content of incoming calls and e-mail alerts. 7.Reflection.
  • Reduction of
    incoming call
    to the call center

  • Narrow down the answer and present the optimum solution
    through the interaction

  • Present optimum solution
    by advanced language
    analysis engine

  • Optimization
    of the cost

  • Interactive new FAQ contents
    using a character

  • Smooth communication
    just like the interaction

Problem solution of FAQ

  • Too many candidate of answer
  • No answer is found.
  • Support page is not found.
  • Call is not connected, sending a mail is troublesome (operation is troublesome).

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