Answering Training Follow-up Tool "Koe Tore"

Tablet tool that optimizes follow-up after training

Include more than 100 basic menus which are essential for the operator such as abdominal breathing, accent and tongue twisters. You can do exercise while listening to the voice sample by the professional narrator in this tool. The feature of the stamp that appears according to the practice quantity promotes the motivation for the continuous practice.

Hiring, Joining the company, Training(effective), Shifting, Reporting the work, Responding to customers, Post-processing, Follow-up training
Improvement of call answering / SV workload reduction. Examples of operation. 1.Listen to the voice of a professional voice by pressing the button. 2.Press the start button and read the displayed script, then record your own vocalization (can do simultaneous recording even after time has elapsed). 3.Check the recording of your own voice with the play button.
  • Reduce instruction
    man-hour of SV

  • Contribute to the improvement of
    answering quality score

  • Answering quality improving time
  • Training time
  • Spare time
  • Morning meeting time etc.

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