Customer Answering Optimization Tool "TCS Navigator"

Script navigation tool using Web technology

Navigate the operator for the answering with correct flow by displaying automatically the script and confirmation items according to the selection and answer of the customer. The history of the selection by the customer can be utilized as answering log without any processing, which leads the shortening of the after process. By installing this tool from the start-up time of the center, it realizes the more reduction of training time, productivity improvement and early stabilization of operation quality.

  • Select the screen according to the flow and the answer of the customer.
  • The next script and the confirmation item are displayed automatically according to the selected contents.
  • Answering history is automatically generated from the transition of the flow.
1.Select script 2.Displays automatically the script depending on the selected contents(Choose select "some":Displays the script that will check the customer number. Choose select "none":Displays the script that checks the telephone number, address, and name,
  • Prevention of
    check and
    notice leakage

  • Promotion of acquiring proficiency and grow-up period shortening for the rookie operator
    turnover prevention by dispelling fear

  • Reduce
    defect and mistake

  • Reduce
    holding / answering time

  • Reduce
    after process time

  • Ordinary operation
  • Help desk and financial business which has many script branch and confirmation items
  • Initial training / follow-up training

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