Calling Optimization Tool "OPT"

Tool that maximizes outbound result

The great factor that affects outbound business result is the contact client list and sending plan. Findings of TMJ is injected with numerically quantification and assigns optimum combination from more than 5,600 combinations of multiplied factors such as acquisition difficulty, connection difficulty, segment of operators and constraint conditions, to maximize the customer acquisition. In addition, the state whether the sending plan is exercised rationally and the system is not dependent on the supervision, is visualized to realize maximization and stabilization of the result.

Quantify and digitize the information of TMJ(More than 5600 kinds of combination:Difficulty of acquisition, Difficulty of connection, Segment operator, Constraint), and optimal allocation through OPT, so Maximization of the number of acquisitions(OPT deliverables:Telephone call schedule, Score report)
  • Identify the cause of the
    success or failure of outcome

  • Exercise rationally
    the sending plan

  • Acquire the stable outcome
    by systematization

  • Want to visualize the factors of outbound business outcome
  • Want to verify that the sending is exercised rationally
  • Want to maximize and stabilize the outcome by visualizing personalized know-how

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