Adoption Test System "Pikap"

Adoption test tool that prevent turnover and comprehend precise potential

The fast turnover of human resource and the mismatch between the business and talent becomes the factor to increase the operation cost and increases the burden not only on the management side but also on the worker side. It is the reason that TMJ developed the technology to enable the judgment of employment screening, which is based on the structure model created through the data analysis technique applied to the digitalized database of accumulated employment experiences and human resource cultivation experiences. It enables to restrain the cost increase by short term turnover of human resource, and optimize the performance with the precise comprehension of the potential of the operator.

Response to the test, enter, and Results(Decide on the following items:Initial defection,Stress tolerance,Suitability as a leader)
  • Reduction of the cost of adoption and training
    by prevention of turnover of human resource

  • Maximization of sales by
    appropriate human resource recruitment

  • Comprehension of
    the potential of the operator

  • Maintaining the motivation of
    the operator

Improve the "Problems" regarding adoption

  • Want to reduce turnover of human resource.
  • Want to shorten cultivation period of rookies.
  • Want to call forth the expected performance from the workers.

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