Optimization Tool for the Answering to Elderly "Gero-Talk"

Simulation tool to convert the speech to old age deafness pseudo-voice

This is the simulation tool to convert the speech to old age deafness pseudo-voice. Contribute to the quality improvement of the answering to elderly. There is a rental service from 1 set 1 month unit.

Skills established after training for senior TSR. Supporting tools of trainer training. JEROTALK screen sample.
  • Talk to the tool and it converts automatically the pseudo-voice that is just like a voice of elderly deafness.
  • Number of tools for the rental is limited. Please ask our staff the details of rental conditions and negotiate with him, if there is any request.
  • Settle the skill of answering to elderly
    (Feel the sample actually / actually experience the hearing of elderly)

  • Training help from administrator
  • Follow-up after monitoring feedback
  • Free time, morning meeting time, etc.
  • Initial training / follow-up training

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