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Participatory training to understand the "reason"
and realize the "possibility"

TMJ training students always participate in the training course adjusting their job shift to the course schedule, that is why the training effect is important. The program which is useful in the job site quickly is provided in the TMJ training service by the teachers who mastered answering business and through the practical exercise and case study specialized in call center business.

TMJ is required to compose an excellent competitiveness of our clients as a professional of call center business. The training program provided TMJ is executed to create such competitiveness.
This is the training program provided by the company who itself operates the call center. That is the big difference from the training provided by specialized training company.

For instance, social style training

Social style is a communication trend of each person which is classified to 4 types. The understanding of the social style of own and conversation partner enables the communication smooth.

Social style is a popular training program which is applied to sales and management and provided also by other specialized training company. However, the social training of TMJ is actually installed in the center operated by TMJ and its content is based on the successful cases there.

Argue opinions and Display emotions:Promoters(Expressive personality), Display emotions and Hear opinions:Facilitator(Cooperative personality), Hear opinions and Contain emotions:Analyzer(Analytical personality), Contain emotions and Argue opinions:Controller(Driving personality)

In the actual installation case in TMJ, our operators become possible to recognize the type of the social style of the customer by his first voice, which shortens after call work (ACW) hours that improves contact per hour (CPH) and customer acquisition rate in inbound sales and outbound business. In addition, utilizing the social style makes human relationship in the center preferable, which results in great reduction of staff turnover, such as, our center did not need recruit a staff for 4 years.

Then, how these results were made? You will know it by actually taking the training course of TMJ.

Thus, the feature of our training course is produced not by brainstorming the training theme and principles but by experience of the training technique and case study, which is developed originally by TMJ as a company actually operates the call center.

TMJ, professing scientific and engineering approach, actively uses new tool and method for the training.

For example, use of a tablet, "Gero-Talk" in the training of the answering to elderly. "Gero-Talk" is an application that can experience the presbycusis of the elderly that have been introduced in various media such as a national television broadcast.

"Gero-Talk" is distributed to students in TMJ in the training of answering to elderly. The student can experience his own voice in the state of presbycusis generated by this tool to recognize the hearing of elderly as an exercise.

Comments from students say that
"I got the tip of answering form this experience of the characteristics of elderly."
"It was a very useful training of measures against the elderly in the future. Training by Gero-Talk is revolutionary."
"I was surprised to use Gero-Talk to experience that the hearing of elderly is like this."
"I thought it is enough to speak loudly for the elderly. But now I understand their problem is not in the ability to hear but in how is heard."
Above are impressions of students, which shows the tool is useful to stimulate motivation and awareness.

"Gero-Talk" can display the score of the degree how the voice is easy to hear. It clarifies the improvement direction of vocal exercise. There is a self training assist service by lending a tablet after the training.

3.Mechanism of Maintaining and Improving Training Quality Based on ISO9001

TMJ university that provides TMJ training program acquired ISO9001 : 2008 in "Planning, development and execution of the training for external call center" in 2011. Realized high quality training service which responds the needs of clients by constructing and maintaining world standard quality management system.

Training Planning, Training Execution, Trainee Questionnaire Evaluation and Facilitator Questionnaire Evaluation, Training Program Improvements
  • Training for Operator

    Learn the role of the call center, answering techniques and the attitude to acquire the basics of answering.

    • Answering basic skill training
    • Listening skill basic training
    • Talking skill basic training
    • CS & answering quality training
    • Complaints handling training
    • Training for smooth communication with elderly (presbycusis)
    • Skill training of answering to elderly
    • Outbound basic training
  • Training for Supervisor

    Acquire the skill necessary for the supervisor who takes important roll in call center.

    • Call center knowledge training
    • Staff care training
    • CS & answering quality training
    • Social style training
    • Skill training for answering to elderly

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