Service for China / ASEAN

Achieve the success of local business by a various
measures and proposals customized according to
culture and business practices of each country

The service for China and ASEAN provides companies that develop local business, centered on China that has the second largest economic zone in the world and Indonesia to which future large consumption market can be expected, with BPO by our affiliates and partner companies. It achieves the success of the local business through the strategic planning support, center operation and human resource management customized according to culture and business practice of each country.

Value Communication Services(Shanghai), Inc. (VCS)

VCS was founded in Shanghai in July 2002 as a China subsidiary of TMJ. It provides the management agency service of in-bound, out-bound, in-source and call center through the call center outsourcing agency, that is our business tie-up partner, while provides client companies mainly Japanese / European companies in China, with wide range of consulting service from CRM strategy planning and planning / production of the sales promotion to planning, operation, training and diagnosis of call center.

PT Asia Outsourcing Services (AOS)

AOS is a largest private company as a BPO company in Indonesia that has 4 offices including headquarter and training center in Jakarta and 9 branch / sub branch offices in other cities such as Surabaya and Palembang. It has mainly financial related clients especially more than 20 banks in and out of the country for which provides contact center service, staffing service and sales outsourcing widely. It entered into a strategic business alliance agreement with TMJ in November 2013. Provide the wide range services in BPO field within Indonesia utilizing the know-how and technology mutually that has been cultivated by each company.

Center Operation Know-how Cultivated in Japan

Provide the service more than expectation of Japanese companies
With past operation result which receives high evaluation in many countries and the essence of operation know-how of TMJ.

Utilize Know-how in Japan

Develop BPO for Japanese and European companies inheriting business management know-how cultivated long years by TMJ
Provide well-considered sales support for the middle-class consumers who have active buying and practice the customer care which heightens customer satisfaction for the wealthy class consumers where the after care is becoming more important. The customer service with Japan level quality is achieved by the operation with local staff.

Construction of the Community-rooted Center

Support local business using the technique polished and cultivated in the field.

  • Human Resource Management
    Customized According to Local Culture and Practice

    Realize high employee satisfaction and low turnover by human resource cultivation management system customized according to the culture of each country. Arrange the status that is possible to provide high quality service stably through the rootage of excellent human resources who have high skill.

  • New Market Reclaim Support
    which can be Performed Only Because Familiarized with Local Site

    New customer acquisition is very important in the large market where the rapid growth is expected. We contribute to the business expansion of our clients by providing approach know-how based on the long years empirical rule.

  • Realize high efficient and low cost operation
    utilizing BPO which is thoroughly
    familiarized with local site

  • CS improvement and acquisition of customers in
    middle class / wealthy class consumers
    that is increasing at an accelerating pace

  • Customer care
  • Sales support
  • Business of placing and receiving orders, etc. in local site