Offshore Service

Realize high quality and low cost service operation
utilizing answering quality and improvement
know-how cultivated long years by TMJ

Offshore service provides low cost operation by the optimization of the business location. Provide quality, efficiency and human resource education in the same level as Japan by the center operation utilizing answering quality and improvement know-how cultivated long years by TMJ. Contribute to the business of clients greatly from the view of bilingual correspondence and BCP countermeasures.

Low Cost Operation

TMJ offers call center and back office services in collaboration with TMJP BPO Service,Inc, - a 100%-owned subsidiary of TMJ that has BPO centers in Manila, Philippines.

Multilingual Contact Centers accommodating 4 languages by cooperating with the group companies

The TMJ group contact centers successfully realized an ability of handling customers in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean by establishing a central hub in the Philippines. Our high-quality customer handling capabilities when communicating with customers from all over the world provides greater customer satisfaction.

  • Stable securement of highly skilled human resources

    We have established a system that firmly secures human resources with strong IT skills and human resources with strong expertise who are capable of handling complex tasks to respond to the advanced needs of clients.

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  • Comprehensive training system for ensuring high quality

    We have developed TMJ 's highly esteemed improvement activities in the Philippines to improve operational quality. The specialists, who have experienced leading launches and operations of BPO in Japan, not only manage the operations on site but also take the initiative in ingraining the TMJ culture " Increase productivity with a motivation of improvement" by implementing human resources development.

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  • Contact center operation
    with high quality and low cost

  • Bilingual operation of
    mail support and entry business

  • Multiple office making for
    office business and global response

  • Translation

  • Customer care center
  • Sales support acceptance
  • Data entry business
  • Translation business, etc.