AI Text Classification

AI supports automatic classification of large amounts of text, as well as data (pre)-processing and setting.

TMJ’s AI Text Classification service uses machine learning to automatically classify large amounts of text such as "fraud detection” in web advertising, posting and e-mails, voices from customers (VOCs), and accumulated cases and precedents.

Features of AI Text Classification

Work Efficiency Improvement

AI automates the task of reading text

Productivity Improvement

Accurately process large amounts of data that cannot be done by people

Expedite Delivery

Speed up by automation

Cost Reduction

Less expensive than dealing with everything manually.

Uniform Quality

Eliminate blurring of the view or image through AI. The quality can be kept uniform.

Service Range

Menu Contents
Effect check (PoC) We will verify the effectivity at the time of full-scale installation.
Business consignment (BPO) We perform a series of tasks from data processing to delivery, including machine learning to the system.
Before and after business consignment system cooperation We will carry out your work requests such as data collection, processing, and storage.
Benefits of AI Text Classification


Most "unchecked text" can be removed in advance (30% to 60%)


The person-in-charge can concentrate on checking the sentences in question (quality improvement)


Allocation of checklists according to check skills (productivity improvement / quality improvement)

Utilization Scene of AI Text Classification


  • Content check of store search and reservation site
  • Monitoring of post content in various places such as the community site
  • Distribution of application information at the time of hiring
  • Search for answers according to the content of the inquiry



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