AI Implementation

TMJ offers overall AI support from implementation to execution to improve companies’ efficiency and productivity.
From operation optimization, emotion analysis, and data mining, TMJ combines its know-how and experience with the latest AI technology to offer the best solution based on client’s needs and demands.

Features of TMJ's AI Implementation
Effects of TMJ's AI Implementation

Improving operation productivity and output quality.


Shortening training period for new employees.

Utilization Examples of TMJ's AI Implementation
  • Training New Operators
    • AI systems are often implemented to train new operators, especially at contact centers with high personnel change.
  • Improving Response Quality
    • Analyzing customer inquiries and improving response quality (new call scripts, training, etc.).
  • Implementing AI to Enhance Operator’s Efficiency
    • Best suited for operation that require high skill level and experience from the operators.
  • Automizing Decision Making
    • Data mining websites to extract inappropriate contents (reviews, posts, etc.).
Flow of TMJ's AI Implementation
AI Selection and Setting

System setting based on client’s needs and demands.

Creating Training Data

Creating machine learning data based on the settings determined in Step 1.
(Multiple variations available)

Machine Learning

Training process to improve overall accuracy of the system by evaluating the decisions made by the AI system.

Business Operation

Incorporating feedbacks from AI system into daily operation (office work, contact center operations, etc.).

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