BPO Design

TMJ utilizes its expertise in designing business outsourcing, human resources, as well as system implementation to solve various issues and goals for our clients. TMJ thrives to become “Business Design Partner” for our clients, which means we aim to become more than just a BPO vendor.

Features of TMJ's BPO Design
  • Rich experience in serving for companies from many different industries.
  • Customized BPO services based on your company’s needs, business model, corporate values, etc.
  • Offering overall support for each phase of business outsourcing, minimizing operational stress.
Effects of TMJ's BPO Design

Visualizing and standardizing individually-dependent work/tasks.


Increasing productivity and efficiently by redesigning work process.


Utilizing systems and tools instead of quantitative quality control by human.

Utilization Examples of TMJ's BPO Design
  • Designing Customer Support Operation
    • Design/build contact channels such as phone, email, SMS, chat, etc.
  • Designing Order Management Operation
    • Processing documents and product management.
    • Processing/issuing quotes and invoices.
  • Designing Document Processing Operation
    • Scanning and processing documents such as application, customer registration, invoice, etc.
    • Updating/adding various data such as customer and product information.
  • Designing Human Resource Operation
    • Document management regarding employment and arranging interviews
    • Arranging business trips and office supplies
    • Processing overall HR, general affairs and accounting tasks
Flow of TMJ's BPO Design
Business Assessment

Find out key business details and information from appropriate personnel using a template. (Approx. 2 hours)

Work Volume Survey

Hand out questionnaire survey to the members. (Approx. 30 minutes)

Analysis/Interim Report

Specify the work that needs further investigation based on analysis.

Detailed Investigation

Ask about the current issues regarding work contents and procedures. (Approx. 30 minutes per work)

Final Report/Solution Proposal

Submit and present final report including clarified issues and solution proposal.

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